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Why do Indian brides wear red lehenga?

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Colours are highly important in our Indian culture. Indian tradition marriage is considered a sacred bond that is a foundation for bringing a new life to existence.

 In Hindu religious beliefs, it is a tradition for a bride to wear a red lehenga ghagra or saree. Red colour denotes bravery, love and commitment. In Hindu religious beliefs, the red colour symbolises prosperity in the bride’s new life.

The history and meaning of red bridal lehenga.

 Red Bridal Lehenga
Red Bridal Lehenga

Nearly everything in Indian culture is a symbol, and colours are also part of it. Every colour, be it yellow, green, Red, White or black has a meaning attached to them.

In our Hindu culture red colour denotes the beginning of new life, prosperity and commitment.

The colour red is an important part of any Indian wedding in any way no matter what the religion, caste or creed is.

This colour also indicates the changes the bride has to go through in her life after marriage. The red colour is considered as the most sacred colour. that’s why most Indian brides wear red lehengas .

Reason behind a bride choosing red lehnga.

bride red lehnga

Nowadays many girls have started choosing other colours for their bridal lehenga but still red colour is the favourite of the majority.

Due to the colour, it draws attention towards the one wearing it. There is also the psychological reason behind the red colour being the bride’s colour as it is noted that it gives the bride much-needed strength that helps her to overcome the nervousness as well as anxiety, as she is stepping out of her comfort zone. It is a perfect colour to mark a start of a new life. It is believed that it will bring good fortune in their married life.

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